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I know you're all dying to know. I can feel it. I can sense that you were waiting on tenterhooks all weekend long, wanting to know if I got The Halle Berry Dress.

Let me put you out of your misery.

The Halle Berry dress has been banished from my head and my heart because - and you'll be happy to know this, poppets - I found a way better one! The hunt is over! See? I told you that Friday the 13th was good for Italians! Not only did I find the frock of my dreams on that day, but I also won a bidding war on Ebay for this video I've been going nuts trying to locate! La la la! So happy!

Anyway, the dress. It falls to my knees, and it's got short sleeves. It's 100% silk, in a bright fuscia and orange pattern. (No, not ugly. Vibrant. Don't be knocking the Ingenii's taste, ok? I know from ugly, and this dress isn't!) The best part is the neckline, which is a very simple, very graceful Chinese kimono style. People, I rock this dress. In this season of flutter sleeves and bias cuts, I will still totally stand out, which is as you know, something I live for. Is it sinful to try to outshine the bride? Is it?

* * *

I found out that Portia de Rossi is gay yesterday. Then I realised that I may have known she was gay, and just forgotten about it. But I also found out that she's getting married to Ringo Starr's stepdaughter. And that Portia's name isn't Portia, but in fact, Amanda Lee Rogers. Now, you must understand. Ever since we first met Nelle on Ally McBeal, I've had a completely heterosexual crush on this woman. She's freakin' gorgeous! And all in one day, I find out that she's gay (which doesn't help matters as (a) Im not and (b) shes getting married) and that her totally cool name isn't very cool at all, but rather, quite fake. (Says the girl who goes by Mare Ingenii. Shut up.) I don't know. I feel a little disconcerted over the whole thing. It's like my totally heterosexual crush on - let's face it - her hair and her name - well, it's not so hetero anymore, and her name isn't real. Which leaves me having just a strange fascination with her hair. And you know that's just weird...

* * *

So, my beloved Bette Parker has decided to spill her clever wit onto the cyber page. She will henceforth be known as Stella. Or not. Sometimes I'll forget and call her Miss Pahkah. Or Bette. Or you, know, Jezebel. Just because. Doesn't matter. Just go. Enjoy her. You'll want to sleep with your eyes open from now on, though.

I've been at work since far too early this morning, poppets. I can regale you no longer on this fine day. I haven't even had time to develop this week's crush yet. I know! That's how busy I've been!

Right. I'm off. Love you, my beauties. By the way... who's interested in going to JournalCon? Anyone? Anyone?


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