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That Little Orphan Annie... she know's what she's talkin' about! The sun DID come out this morning! 2003-09-25










Now, just hold the phone for one tiny second, because I've got news. Oh, it's big, poppets. It's big news, and it's shocking. Shocking, I say!

I woke up this morning. (No, that's not the news. Keep your pants on. Except you - you can take them off. You're awfully cute.) Anyway, I woke up this morning feeling absolutely splendid! Splendid, I say!

I really don't know what happened. I came home from dance last night, pleased with the fact that I'd released some excess energy on the dance floor, pleased that I'd exchanged moderately witty conversation with a good looking gentleman at the studio, pleased that I had a huge order to fill for English Company Canada, an indication that this business just may get off the ground.

I went to bed around midnight, and I guess that all those pleasant feelings wandering around my innards kind of just dissipated all the stupidity that's been coursing through me for the last little while.

It's like, the weight thing? All of a sudden, it's entirely manageable, and not just a giant rock of depression and guilt that sitting on my chest. And the fact that I live in Toronto, and not London, England? Well, this morning that's all it was: just a fact. For the first time in a week, it wasn't horrible and obvious proof that I was living a miserable existence away from the only country in the world that Lets. Me. Be. Me. (Honestly? I'm so full of crap sometimes. Granted, I love London, and I've friends there that are dearer to me than I could ever imagine and I miss them horribly and it would be wonderful to see them everyday, but c'mon people. Please. I really need to get over myself sometimes. I blame it on the jetlag. Ok? Ok? Good. Moving on...)

Where was I? Yeah, good feelings. Good feelings! Seriously, even the idea that there are no relationship prospects anywhere on my horizon isn't enough to get me down today. Suddenly, it's just lovely licence to flit and flirt and flash bright smiling eyes at handsome strangers who are lucky enough to be around me!

Hell, even the Dreaded Hearing Aid Thing isn't so daunting anymore. So I've got to wear them. As Stella says, "Think how much easier it'll be to eavesdrop now!" Plus, I've been growing my hair out for the last little while, which makes hiding the aids an easier prospect. However... however... what if I dispensed with the hiding bit, cut off my hair and let it be the short and sassy 'do that it really wants to be, dye it an alarming shade of scarlet and show off my broken ears with pride?

Huh? Huh?
It could happen!

Right. Pace myself. I should pace myself. But in the meantime... happy days to you, my beauties. Happy days, indeed.

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