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Staying True... 2003-04-11










Operation Mini-Skirt: Did not get on the scale. Afraid. Leave me alone.
Mental State: See above.

They say that one should always be true to themself. Keeping that in mind, you won't be surprised when I tell you that in the name of truth and anti-beauty, I took a lovely flip down the stairs this morning. You know when you take a step down, only your foot doesn't catch enough stair, and because you're wearing pantyhose, you just slide and bump the rest of the way down, ending up sprawled and hurting at the bottom? Yeah. That was me. But with less grace. There were moans and not the good kind either. There was bruising, and frankly, I don't wear those colours well. I was due for a tumble anyway. See? Stayin' true to myself. Nobody can fault me for that.

* * *

Spring fever has taken over my nightly state of unconsciousness. I'm making like a bunny rabbit whenever I fall asleep, and lately, I've been racing to bed to see what new and exciting adventure I get up to. There has been romping and banshee shagging, in positions I didn't know the average human was capable of, with people I know, with people I don't know, with four at a time, with eight at a time!

I wake feeling no better or no worse, except for a slight soreness in my feet, which I'm attributing to excessive toe curling.

* * *

My plans for the weekend are up in the air. I suspect that it will be a quiet one, but am completely open to anything at this point. Ewan never got back to me, so perhaps I should re-pencil in "find a husband". Oh all right. You know I never erased it off the calendar in the first place.

Much love, my beauties.

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