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I haven't bowled in about three years, yet Saturday I hit the lanes for the second Saturday in a row. I sucked only slightly less than usual, and bowled a 69. The best part of the 69? That's right, bowling fans everywhere - I topped last week's score by fifty points! Not only that, I wasn't even the worst in the group!

In other sports news, I finally watched Field of Dreams last night. I don't think Kevin Costner was ever so tolerable as he was in that movie. Man, it's amazing how the utmost in sappiness can yank my chain. Dead fathers and baseball dreams and James Earl Jones and general feel-goodness. Plus, I think it may have given birth to what may very well develop into a full-fledged fetish for me. Hello! Those pretty boys in the vintage baseball uniforms? Yummy! Yum. Mee. I'll be like Ross and his Princess Leia fantasy, only for me it'll be a whole baseball team from 1919... while they were still playing and alive and lovely, of course. And what's his name who played Shoeless Joe? Help me out here, people. Who played Shoeless Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams? C'mon c'mon... it's on the tip of my tongue! Ok, anyway... that guy... I know I've seen him in other flicks, and I think I remember taking a mild dislike to him... but in Field of Dreams where he's all young and fresh and ultra-blue-eyed... Lordy. Holy loins afire.

And with, sports fans, I should go. I'm getting slightly overheated.

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