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Pantyline Punishment 2003-06-10










I am so not pleased right now. This is Attempt at Entry No.2. Why? Because I was writing it in the little Add An Entry box, and some part of my brain that insists I be punished all day long made me point my mouse at some random place and click, and whoosh there it went. My entry. All gone. And you know what the kicker is? I had just written the last word.

This whole day has been like this, actually. Frankly, I think it started when I spoke to the other party in The Great Mare-Got-Stood-Up Debacle of 2003 (copyright taydo) last night. I was still feeling angry, for reasons that go beyond the actual stand up, and so I got a little snarky, a little snippy. Oh all right. I got downright mean, and I made a comment that didn’t need to be made, for which I immediately regretted and wanted to apologise for, but in the way these things invariably go, didn’t. Which is why I believe my subconscious led me to change out of the perfectly comfortable full-coverage underwear that I had on this morning, and into The Thong of Punishment. Panty-lines be damned; there’s no other explanation.

I need some help, poppets. There’s this song out there that I love, and every time I hear it, I just have to exclaim, “Now, THAT is a wicked song!” Unfortunately, as I have very little ability to decipher lyrics and I can’t recall a melody to save my life, I’m usually left with this: “Er… you know that song… the one that goes like… oh you KNOW! That SONG! The one… er… da da dum da dum dum daaaa… uh sorta like that. You know?”

So last night, I caught a few minutes of the Canadian Idol auditions. (Remember those? The ones I’m too old for? Hmph.) Anyway, one of the contestants sang That Song, and by the power of closed captioning, I now know one of the lines! La la la! So, you ready? Ok. Here goes... “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.” Yeah, that’s all I know. See how helpful I am? So, darlings, does anyone know what the name of that song is? And who sings it? I must have it!

And with that, I’m going to pretend that I’m a tough cookie, and that a disagreement with a friend does not absolutely ruin my whole day. Dammit.

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