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I saw a shooting star last night. Cool, huh?

* * *

So, check this out...

Last night, my cousins Frank and Zoolander dropped by, and we hung out in my backyard for a while, enjoying the summer night and shooting the breeze.

Our fathers are brothers, and in more ways than either of us ever care to admit, we become more like them every day. I see in Frank his father, and in his father, I see mine. As I get older, I see my father in me, and so it goes around that Frank and I have more traits in common than any other two pairings of first cousins in my family.

Our fathers both suffer from migraines, as well as the slightly less painful Average Killing Headaches. They have generously passed this on to the two of us, and only the two of us. My two siblings and Frank's three have no concept of the life-altering agony that we experience on a semi-regular basis.

We were trading stories last night, each trying to explain to Zoolander and Teacher what the 'calm after the storm' was like; that first half hour after we wake up from horrible head pain, when we're so completely relaxed we're afraid to move and start the pain again. It's an incredibly good feeling, because the horror is gone, we've survived it, and at that point, we're just grateful to be alive. We tried to explain the absolute need for silence, total darkness, and extra-strength medications.

We each compared relief therapy methods - my compresses to his forehead binding. Our immediate need for caffeine to help open up the blood stream and let some cooling oxygen into the brain. I prefer black coffee. Frank likes Pepsi. I can understand how the Pepsi would work, as the bubbles going up your nose makes it work faster - it's the same rule that makes champagne get you tipsier faster than anything else. Personally though, I prefer to stay away from the sugar in the soda, as it only contributes to the headache in the long run. I also like to take in as much water as I can. There's two perfectly good reasons for this: (a)Dehydration is a headache's best friend and (b)it makes throwing up easier. Dry heaves hurt like hell.

So, what was my point? What was the weirdest thing that happened? Right, well, after they left last night, I went to bed feeling completely healthy. Then, at 6:30 this morning, my swelling, screaming, tortured brain woke me up so that I could experience, first hand, the worst headache I've had in ages. It's like our conversation called it out of the blue, taunting the pain gods to give me their best shot.

Damn it. Next time someone comes to visit, we're going to talk about sex, instead.

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