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Is it natural for one's jet lag to last longer than one's trip?

I spent four days in London in September, and had jetlag for a week after. At this rate, after having spent two weeks there, I should start feeling normal sometime around my birthday... in May.

Right, so I'm home poppets. I'm home, and while I miss London horribly, EnCoCa has forced me to shake off the Regular Post Holiday In England With Fabulous Friends Arse Aching Depression Syndrome (that's the clinical name, you know) quickly. Well, perhaps 'shake off' is too strong a term... but I've pushed it to one side, certainly. Aren't you proud? And then, once I get nice and established, and the world is running a little more smoothly, I can pull out the RPHIEWFFAADS, smooth it out a little, and suffer anew. Because that's just the way I do things.

Right. So. I called Bell Canada to organize the installation of the new phone lines and fax lines and whatnot. The guy I spoke to... Andrew... well, he sounded youngish, and cute, and like he had good fashion sense. ((Yes, I'm that perceptive.) Also, he laughed at my jokes. Yes, I made jokes. Because that's what you do when you flirt with unseen client support reps over the phone. Yes, I flirted, ok? (Because I'm fabulous.) And he flirted right back. (Because I'm fabulous.)

Oh, there's so much to tell, poppets. There's so much to tell, but in my own tried and tested fashion, I have to do it in wee bits, sliding a bit across the table, so that we can both pick it up and examine it and live it all over again.

More soon, darlings. But many kisses to you in the mean time...

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