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I have always wanted to write.
However, I fell into the despicable habit of going into extended periods of non-writing funks, just because I didn’t like what I was putting down on paper. Then, when the odd and random day occurred that I would get a wonderful spurt of creative energy, along with an idea that seemed to have no problem taking shape and form in my head, I couldn’t make it take the same kind of shape and form on paper because… well, because my adjectives were dead. Seriously. You can’t just start running a marathon if you haven’t trained in six months, can you? Same thing. The less I wrote, the less I could write. Then, one day, I stumbled upon Weetabix’s diary and I thought, “How wonderfully cool.”
I read on, and thought, “I would love to write like this, as often as this. I would like to be witty and poignant, strong yet vulnerable; I want to prove my intelligence and laugh at my utter stupidity at the same time, and I want to be able to do it all the time.
It’s all just a work in progress, really. But I’m writing almost every day about anything that catches my fancy. I’m stretching my adjectives, and I’ve found that my Other Writing, my Little Stories, my Unpublished Novels… well, I think they’re getting better. So, Weetabix, thanks for inspiring me. And thanks for giving me some basic HTML lessons. I’m bolder for it! Why am I bringing this up now, do you ask? Well, yesterday, she signed my guestbook. Damn, y’all! I’m freakin’ honoured!

* * *

Right, so see if you can make sense of one of Mummy’s off-hand comments over breakfast this morning.
“I don’t think that BMW or any of those high end car companies should make UVs or big cars--”
“You mean SUVs, Mother?”
Yes, SUVs. Or big off-road type cars. Or Jeepy type vehicles.”
”Why, exactly, Mother?”
Well, it takes away from the prestige.”

I just shook my head and continued to eat my toast.

* * *

It looks like Teacher and I are actually going to get out of town this weekend. The excitement is unbearable, if only because I’ve made a major decision. On Monday, Operation: Mini-Skirt comes to life again, so I’m going to eat all weekend long. Right. Like that’ll be any different that my behaviour for the last four weeks…

Have a lovely, foody weekend, poppets. You know I love you. But you know I love carbs more.

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