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Midday Tuesday 2003-03-11










Have you all been to visit Trancejen's diary? I urge you to go there. Run, don't walk.

* * *

GI Poe sent me Jonathan Livingston Seagull yesterday. It's a tiny little read, and if I hadn't spent an hour and a half on the phone with him last night, I would have finished it.

He's stationed in Nebraska right now, but will be shipped out on Thursday to some country that I'm not allowed to know about. Damn fool volunteered to join the fray. I'm proud of him, more proud than I can say, but he's still a damn fool.

* * *

I feel fat. I feel really, really fat. It's time to re-activate Operation Mini-Skirt. This bloated feeling just won't do. Mind you, I brought it upon myself. I'm systematically going through as much food as I can possibly deal with, and then I'm eating more. It feels damn good, but thankfully, I'm getting it out of my system. Yesterday, I changed my mind and didn't eat an entire bag of Crispy Minis. Last week I was eating stuff I didn't even want to eat! So, you know, I'm making progress...

* * *

I really hope Teacher and I stick to the plan and go away this weekend. I really need a bit of a change.

* * *

That's all today, poppets. Enjoy your Tuesday. Watch Judging Amy. Tyne Daly rocks.

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