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Queen's Radio Ga Ga is on the radio right now. Catchy little tune, isn't it?

Whenever I hear Queen, I think of the day that I found out that Freddie Mercury died. I was standing around after rehearsals for The Importance of Being Ernest, and Brian said, "So Freddie Mercury was a fag, huh?" Yean, he actually said that. For some, his death was an event of monumental importance, signifying the end of an era of musical genius. For me, it marked the beginning.

My musical tastes have always been square. Somehow, Queen escaped my notice. I was busy listening to Barbra Streisand or something. By the time Wayne's World came out, I'd only just heard Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time. No, seriously. I was 17, and the only notion I had of Queen was of an English lady with a hat and some bratty kids.

What with the release of Wayne's World, and then that all day Concert For Life that that was put on after Freddie died - 1991 was it? Something like that. I still have that on tape, by the way. If I remember correctly, I think I taped it because Extreme played at the concert... Radio Ga Ga incidentally... and I was holding a huge lustation for Nuno Bettencourt at the time. (Lordy, but I still love More Than Words.)Anyway, I couldn't help but be put on a crash course in Queen, for which I'm forever grateful.

The Show Must Go On still makes my heart go thumpity thump.

Musical nostalgia is so lovely. Added bonus: now I know what I'm going to play during my morning shower routine tomorrow!

Later, poppets.

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