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The Anonymous Cyber Coward left lovely and complimentary messages in my guest book. The flattery was wonderful, and left me with a warm feeling inside.

The message left by Peek-a-boo is cryptic and confusing.

Batty, I tell you. It's driving me batty.

* * *

In other news, I'm fairly pleased with the way I've turned myself out today. My hair is almost - not quite, but almost, the straightish straight bob I've been growing out for the last few agonising months. And dark. Did I tell you I went back to my natural colour again? Ahem. It's what I like to call Improved Natural, with added sheen and shine and shimmer. Well, no shimmer, but wouldn't that be the coolest? Seriously, how awesome would that be? Shimmery hair. Yeah, someone get on that, because I would totally plunk insane amounts of money on something like that.

I'm such a girl.

* * *

If all goes well, I'll be wearing hearing aids on Saturday night. I've a fitting appointment that afternoon and unless my ears have gone through some radical shape shifting in the last ten days, I should have improved hearing by about 5:00 that evening. I'm thinking of celebrating with a movie, as I've not been able to enjoy one for a lo-oong time now. Recommendations? Has anyone seen that Something Something Tuscan Sun movie yet? Any good?

Please God may I not have to struggle with vanity and shame upon putting them on. I don't want to have to struggle with my own stupidity. I've got enough of that already. Plus, I've tried styling my hair over my ears, and it just doesn't work. These babies are going to be showcased like I'm a Hollywood agent and my head is their Polo Lounge.

* * *

Enjoy your day, poppets. Enjoy it thoroughly.

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