The World As Mare Sees It...
Wednesday. No Whinging Allowed. 2003-09-24










Hi! Believe by Cher is on the radio right now, and my bottom is busy doing a cha cha in my chair right now! Hi!

* * *

In other news, poppets, regardless of the fact that it's a tad warm in here (probably due to the arse sweat I'm generating by dancing the chair) I've waved farewell to summer by donning hose and closed toe shoes. Actually, if you want to know the truth, I just wanted to wear my new skirt, and if I did that without hosiery, I'd look like a giant, walking nightmare. Not Cute Mare.
Night. Mare.

I really need to cut out the carbs.

* * *

So, I ordered the hearing aids. It'll take about a week and a half before I get them, but I'll keep you posted. Not that I'll need to write about it. You'll probably see them from wherever you are, as that's how large and obvious they are!

(Note to self: quit whinging. You're getting annoying.)

* * *

Poppets, I need your help. I've decided that once again, in order to survive this mild set of blues, I need a project. Conveniently, Halloween is around the corner, and a suitable costume must be planned. The last few years have seen me as a 1920's flapper, a 1950's Sandra Dee type, and a 1960's mod girl. Last year, I dug deep inside for the red head that shows herself in my natural auburn highlights (imagined or not) and brought forth the spirit of Lucille Ball. (Alas, I never got to do some 'splainin' to a Ricky of my choice, but maybe this is the year for treats with tricks! Ooh! I did not just say that! I totally did not!)

Right... so, any ideas? Come my beauties... you know you want to share. What will your Mare be for Halloween?

* * *

Hey, Anonymous Cyber Coward? Where've you been? I kinda miss you. And also? This gorgeous gentleman needs to update more. Because his updates make me happy. And when I'm happy, the world is happy. Well, maybe not the whole world... but certainly a good portion of it. Right? Right?

* * *

Happy Wednesday, darlings. Enjoy The West Wing tonight... which reminds me - somebody better be taping that for me...

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