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Between The Cushions Of My Mind 2003-03-07










"Mommy, feel my ass, please."
"I beg your pardon."
"No, really. Feel it. Is it getting too fleshy again?"
"Would you get away from me please?"

* * *

In other news, the cast of London Summer '98 reunion is really shaping up. We've picked a weekend, a city and a hotel. Now it's just down to room reservations and flight/train tickets. I'm so excited! Somebody pinch me! (Preferably my ass, and then tell me if it's getting too fleshy again.)

* * *

I'm going to try to convince my sister to up and away on a whim with me this weekend. I don't know where, but I just want to get the hell out of Toronto for a bit. A change of scenery might do me good. Either that or I'm going stay here and get my drunk on. That's not so much a change of scenery as it is a doubling of it, but still, it does provide an escape.

* * *

I'm feeling a tad fragile today. I had a couple of glasses of wine last night, in the hopes that it would improve the quality of the words I was trying to put on paper. When I got to the office and confessed this to Smiley Denny, he said, "Drinking alone? You know that's a sign of alcoholism." I told him I had a few glasses to relax and get into my work. So he laughed and said, "To relax, or to forget that mommy and daddy fight all the time?" Hee. I adore Smiley Denny. Adore him. The guy can't speak without making somebody chuckle.

* * *

Still with me? Good. Just checking.

* * *

Anybody see Will & Grace last night? I missed it, what with Bush speaking and my solo flight into alcoholic escape. Also, for those Canadians who will admit to watching it, who made the cut on Popstars? I can't believe it bothers me this much that I don't know. American Idol can bend down and feel my arse (and tell me if it's getting fleshy again, dammit), because I'm all about Canadian Popstars. (Y'know. When I bother to tune it. I do have some kind of a life beyond wine and TV and my poor beflesh'ed bum.)

* * *

Last week I was fantasising about a bottle of single malt and a whole lotta sex with strangers. It's Lent now, so I'm going to stop thinking about the single malt. It's the right thing to do.
I'm going straight to hell, aren't I?

Save me a seat, would you, darlings?

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