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Days to 1st annual 29th Birthday: 8
Number of consecutive days worst haircut in the world has decided to co-operate so far: 2 (miraculous)

I'm wearing jeans today! I'm wearing jeans to work, and it's a wonderful feeling. The brass has decided that, inasmuch as one of their core values is 'fun', and we were all clamouring for it anyway, Fridays shall herefore be Casual. Oy, but it's a wonderful feeling, and not only because I love the way my newly shrunken bottom looks in these Silver bootleg, buttonflys. (Seriously, these lovlies would so nod in approval.)

You know, as much as I'm allowed to wear a healthier selection of clothing now, there's still a plethora of pieces that I wouldn't dare don. Pants are getting lower and lower. Tops are getting higher and higher. The amount of uncovered real estate between boob and pube is... well, not shameful, no... that's not the word I'd admit to looking for... but startling certainly, non? The growing expanse of skin is... well, don't these girls get cold? And retailers, this is for you: some of us - not many, granted, but some - prefer to have a waist-to-crotch zone that is longer than our pinky fingers! Please, people. Allow me a pair of pants that don't discriminate against womanly curves. Let my hips in! Don't force them to make signs and start yelling "Hell no, we won't go!" Don't force my poor childbearing poster girl curves to throw bricks through the window of The Gap. It's just not right, people. My waist deserves some coverage too! It's already lost 9 inches for you evil retailers! Don't take away the sacred waistband!

Right. I need to start spending less time in the mall.

Happy weekend, my beauties.

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