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Me! Me! ME! (And a little bit of you.) 2003-11-26










In the spirit of avoiding any possibility of introspection at all, I've decided to dig into your life instead.

Go take my new survey!

Also, I need to colour my hair, dammit. That will bring me happiness, right?
And I need to get out of Toronto.
And I need to buy Christmas presents.
And birthday presents.
And I need to jump on The Man Who Liked My Bottom. But only because he's a hottie, and not because I'll jump on anyone who will pay me a compliment.
Because that is totally not something I would do.
Totally. Not.
And I need to lose two pounds by Saturday morning.
And I need to write a book. Because I'm almost thirty, and shouldn't I have written a book by now? Isn't that what I always said I do?
And I need a boyfriend. Because then, at least, I'd have an excuse for not getting to that book.
And I need to start writing Christmas cards, with pithy little bits of funny that sum up the true meaning of my friendship with you. And you. And you. And him. And her. And them.
And I need some chocolate.
And I need some chocolate.
And I need some chocolate.
And I need some chocolate.

Secondo. That's the name of my survey. You really need to be filling that out right now. No, like, seriously. Go. What are you waiting for?

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