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Teen Rage 2002-12-29










Operation Mini-Skirt: -39 lbs.
Mood: Pretty damn good, actually.

So, I went out this afternoon with my sister, my mother, my aunt and my cousin. And my brother, but he was only there for an hour because he had to leave to go to work. Anyway, all was going well, until we started discussing the anxiety that my moronic cousin (brother and son of aforementioned) is causing to his family. So then things got a little het up, because my mother expressed an opinion, my aunt thought that the arm of that opinion swung a little too close to her nose, and then she said something, and my mother said something, and then I went to go and claim my stuff from the coat check. (You know, I'm usually not one to beat a hasty retreat. I like drama... but this was too close to home.) So, anyway I get back, and the drama has subsided. Worry and concern has been expressed. Open lines of communication have been encouraged. La la ladiblah. In the meantime, I blame neither of the women for their worry, and I totally feel for my aunt because frankly, my cousin - teenage arsehole that he is (presently choosing to be) - is in fact, being a moron. And he's got everyone on edge. You know, I was a stupid 17 year old. No, really, I was. In fact, at 28, I'm still not known to make the sharpest decisions in the world. But this particular 17 year old... this kid... I just want to smack him. And then I want to smack him some more. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't condone smacking children. 'specially since my father did condone it, right up to the time I was about 15 or 16... But see, this kid is big enough to fight back. And I'm a chick. And I've got 11 years on him. And he wouldn't dare hit me back. So, as the concerned, elder cousin (a peer, if not by age, then by blood and generation)- please, lock me in a room with this boy so that I can yell at him, and smack him around. No, really. Please. It would give me great pleasure. Every time he disparages his mother to her face, even! and every time he sulks into a room, and grunts in that ever so eloquent mono-syllabic fashion... oh for the love of Christ! Please! I don't want his parents to hit him. I don't want his sisters to hit him. His behaviour is traumatizing enough. They shouldn't have to deal with that. No, I want to be the one to do it. Like... man, I just want to haul off and POW! right in the chops! Give him a good old fashioned nose-bleed the next time he gives someone some lip. Is that so bad? Is it? IS IT?

Right. And I want to have children. This can't be good. I'm gonna go look up anger management now...
For the record though, I've never wanted to hit him before. It's just now, when he's got a good six inches on me, and a lot more heft, and he lacks all respect for those who care about his sorry arse... that's not abuse, is it? That's just, like... forceful yelling, right?

Dammit. You think there's a syndrome called Teen Rage yet?

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