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T.G.I.F. 2003-07-18










Days to B.E.E.R.: 6. (Six! That's less than a week! Whee!!)

Let's see... I'll be in Montreal for five nights and four and a half days. Sounds weird, I know, but I'm getting there at 11 on Thursday night, and I leave on Tuesday afternoon. Anyway, what was my point? Yeah, Five nights, four and a half days... and I like choice. So, having said that, I don't think it's unreasonable to bring 4 skirts, 5 pairs of pants, one dress, and about 15 assorted tops for day and night. Right? Right? In fact, I honestly think I'm cutting it close there. I'm also only bringing three pairs of shoes. I am however, packing 2 small purses and two larger bags. So, yeah, maybe an extravagance there... but I like to match, ok? And really, how much space does a bag take up? Exactly. I knew you'd see it my way.

* * *

It's occurred to me that if I'm to enjoy my mini holiday in peace, I should work extra hard to leave behind a relatively clean desk. Yeah, I should get on that.

* * *

My headache took a little walk between yesterday evening and this morning, but has now decided to come back, and set up shop behind my right eyeball. And it's making itself right at home there.

* * *

I went to dance last night. It's been weird, because for the last few years, all I've been able to do is think about how much I want to be dancing, and hating the fact that I'm wasn't. Then, I started back, and it was... different. Not as exciting. I haven't gone as much as I thought I would go, and I almost dread the nights I do go, because a lot of the time, I'm just so tired from work. But then... then... last night, I had a private lesson with Sergei. And instead of just working on social ease dance steps, he introduced a choreographed cha cha routine. Something I would, ostensibly, perform one day. Perform. Performance. Show off. Ahhh.... now I remember why I went back. It's not just the ability to dance that turns me on anymore. It's the show-off factor that I love so much, the performance aspect. And because I don't get a chance to do that on a dance floor all that often, the showcases and competitions of the dancesport world is where I should be. I'm telling you... last night, in a matter of forty-five minutes, I went from half-heartedly dreading the rest of my 8 lessons, to realising that 8 lessons just simply wouldn't be enough to master this absolutely spectacular cha cha that will make people's jaws drop. There will be awe. There will be surprise. The 'agog' factor will be high.
The prospect pleases me.

* * *

I've decided to take a page out of Weet's book, and point you all in the direction in which you need to be. Have you all upgraded to gold or supergold? You know you should. It's really the only way to go. And if you're not going to upgrade, then buy some more ads. Ads are fun, and they're on sale right now! And really, who can resist a sale, right? Also, JournalCon. Go. Sign up. You can buy me a drink when I get there.

Love to you all, poppets. Have a fabulous weekend. Cross your fingers, and hope some misbehaviour occurs in my world!

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