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I'm finally starting to dig the girl I'm going to be one day.

I think that is the most awesome thing - the most startling thing - in the world, especially since I almost mean it when I say it. Sometimes, on some days, you just have to love what's going on right that very second. It makes who you're going to be one day a more pleasant prospect.

Today, I'm enjoying the way my two-sizes-too-big-for-my-waist skirt is sitting loosely, casually, perched just so on my hips, so that when I walk, there is pleasing bell-like sway to my whole form. Not enough women walk with a swing and a sway anymore. There are not enough women with hips anymore.

Today, I'm enjoying the way my clothes have given me an old fashioned hourglass figure that makes me feel gorgeous, the way Lana Turner must have felt gorgeous when she wore evening gowns that clung to every single one of her generous curves.

Today, I'm enjoying the Oasis earworm I have in my head, because I forgot how much I used to love listening to Noel and Liam make catchy melodies in between bouts of beating each other up. I love the line, "Please don't put your life in the hands, of a rock and roll band" because it makes a pleasing clatter of sound as it rolls off of my tongue.

Today, I'm enjoying the bittersweet knowledge that once I leave, I'll be truly missed by people I've come to enjoy seeing every day. Though it hurts my heart a little, deep down I am nothing but flattered when expletives are uttered upon hearing my news.

Today, I'm enjoying that rare feeling of knowing that as proactive and intelligent and hardworking as I need to be in my present post, my notice has given me a sense of freedom. There are problems to be solved, but I won't have them weighing on my mind forever. It makes my solutions bolder, and ironically, more effective. Now that I'm leaving, I've become better at my job. And because it's today, I can enjoy that knowledge while still understanding that it doesn't neccessarily portend bad times ahead. Today, it's just a funny coincidence.

Today, it is raining and chilly, but I am inside. Today, I have cigarettes in my purse, but I have yet to smoke one. Today, my skin is clearer than yesterday, and the experiment I tried with my hair this morning worked out well.

Today, my life is good, and it is because I've made it so.

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