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Days to B.E.E.R.: 2
Level of Confusion: High. I don't know how I did it, but I've managed to pack 14 suitcases worth of clothes for four days of holiday, and yet, I don't seem to have enough pants. Pants! I mean, I suppose it's not a huge travesty, but hell! I'd like a day when I don't have to shave my legs, you know?

So, I leave for Montreal in 2 days. For those of you who live in Montreal, if you have any suggestions for us, please do let us know. We're open to anything new and unusual that may not be in the tourist guides. Suggest away...

Ooohh, hi! I just booked my flight to London! Wheee! I fly on eleventh of September, (which probably explains why I got such an incredible price) and return on the 16th. A very brief trip, but long enough to stock up on all the stuff I can't get here. Zovirax, anyone? HobNobs and Fuse Bars? Quavers? Plus, as an added and wonderful bonus, some of my London mates that won't make it to the reunion will be there, because they love London that much. This makes me happy. I'm really hoping that my precious Jude has a wee bit of time to come up to London from Wales. It would be spectacular to see him again.

Oh, and check this out... I can't find a decent flight to Austin! In order to get there on the 17th of October, for JournalCon, it seems I have to sell a kidney and leave last week. Last week, I tell you! So far, my investigation in the matter has me paying just a hundred dollars less than London is costing me. Now, if it were just the money, I wouldn't mind so much. But even if I leave early morning, I still have 2 layovers and the earliest I'll get there is like, 10 hours later! Hello! I'll miss half the conference! Does that make sense to you? I'm still looking into it, of course, because dammit! I want to go to JournalCon!

And on that whiny note... love to you all, poppets. I've got to clean up my in-tray if I have any hope of enjoying this holiday.

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