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Last year, I didn't have a Valentine, and I made grand and glorious plans to celebrate this day. I devoted it to myself and made like I was Mary Tyler Moore, with a sparkling wit and independence and a hat thrown in the air. It totally didn't work.

This year, I don't have a Valentine, either. But I make no plans. Instead, I sit calmly, shrugging my shoulders in a philosophical way, and enjoying the chocolate rewards of the day.

I don't have a Valentine right now, and only because he hasn't found me yet. I've done my share of the looking, you see. Now, I can only depend on serendipity and synchronicity and maybe some Celestine prophecies, as I wait and wonder, confident that's he'll show up and hoping that he won't have a sixth toe or anything.

So, in the mean time, while you all are looking out for my prince, my soul mate, for the boy who will rub my back before I go to sleep... do a few of these things to celebrate the day of pink and red. I'll do some, you'll do some, and together, we'll all have a fantastic day.

Call your friends. You giggled with them once upon a time - call them today and make sure their Valentine's is as nice as yours.

Call your mother. She's infuriating and silly sometimes - but in a way, you're her Valentine.

Give blood. If, like me, you lived in Britain for more than six months in the last few years, and no one will take your donation for fear of Mad Cow Disease, write a cheque to the Heart and Stroke Foundation instead. Or sign your organ donor card, because really, you can't take them with you. There's always something you can do, and it's a hell of a Valentine's Day gift.

Smile and wave at the lady across the street.

Watch The Wedding Story on TLC.

Dance. Dance with your husband, your wife, you sister, your brother. Dance with your children. Waltz your baby around the room and do the hokey-pokey with your 6 year old. And your 16 year old.

Dance alone, in your living room, to the tune of whatever you're belting out.

Become overwrought with emotion during whatever movie makes you cry and laugh at the same time. Use a lot of Kleenex. Take joy at the fact that you can hit Pause if you want to blow your nose.

Buy flowers for your kitchen table. Flowers are guaranteed smiles for whoever sees them, I promise. And it's your kitchen table, so you'll see them a lot.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.

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