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There are several things making me vaguely happy today. Several things.

Firstly, it's Friday. And you know what that means, boys and girls? That's right! Your Mare has a full two days free to ponder and contemplate a life rife with loneliness and affection-craving sin. It's all very exciting. Failing that, I'm going to do a whole lot of nothing, and I'm going to flavour it with a whole lot of wine.

In other news however, I'm enlisting your help, poppets. Remember, months ago? I needed your help because a colleague was looking for her wedding song? Dear, darling, about to get married in 6-weeks Felicity has narrowed it down to a few special tunes, and she needs some help making the final decision. She said to me, "Write an entry. Get your people to vote." Hee! My people! You guys are my people. So cool! All of a sudden, I feel like the high school sweater girl, the It Girl, the cheerleader with the bouncy ponytail, surrounded by other pretty girls and their varsity jacket boyfriends. I've got people! I’ve got cool people!

So, my darlings, my beauties, my sweets... would you do me the grand favour of casting a vote? She's torn, you see. She needs a first song, a second song, and a last song. (It's an Italian wedding, poppets. There's a whole mathematical formula involved.)

These are her choices... so far…
Love of my Life by Firehouse... we think. We're not entirely sure... but it was released around the late '80's, and I'm sure you know the one I'm talking about. Right? Ok? Good.

Moving on, she's got Destiny by Christina Trampeliera and Jim Brickman. Our bride can do without Xtine, but... eh... whatever. She likes the lyrics more than she dislikes the singer, and she likes that it's a man and a woman singing to each other.

Then there's Dream Come True by Frozen Ghost. Canadian, late '80's and sooo pretty.

Finally, there’s my personal favourite of the choices, Billy Joel's, I Love You Just The Way You Are. Classic, yet unusual for a wedding song, non? That's what I thought. She's accepting more suggestions, but they should all be within the last 10 to 15 years.

So, please please, cast your votes, poppets. You've got to help us here. Felicity is just fraught. Fraught, I tell you! Let me know what you like. Tell me what you think she should use. Give us a suggestion if you believe that the above choices are horrible and cheesy. Tell me when I'm going to find a husband so that I can experience this heady and wonderful conundrum for myself.

Have a smashingly wonderful weekend, my beautiful people. Remember… life should be like a Burt Baccarach song…

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