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Wishes and Whimsy 2003-05-08










I look at today as a sort of giant birthday cake, with not that many birthday candles just waiting to be wished upon... I've got a head full of daydreams and doodles, of wishes and whimsy. I've got a kidney full of toxins, but that's a whole 'nother story...

Today, I wish that someone at Jane magazine - preferably Jane herself, but Katy McColl would be just dandy, too - would stumble upon this site, and think that I was irreverent and funny and had something worthwhile to contribute to their pages.
Mental note: send them the URL. Send it a few times. Stop just short of SPAMming them, because some people just don't like that.

Today, I wish my kidney would hurry up and heal so I could eat something with a little substance and flavour to it.
Mental note: Drink lots of cranberry juice. Refrain from adding usual Smirnoff.

Today, I wish that that certain someone I've had my eye on would put his eye on me.
Mental note: Be careful what you wish for. If that literally happened, the eyeball on your blouse would be difficult to explain as just a very unique brooch.

Today, I wish I had something more interesting to write about than the silliness and general balderdash in my head.
Mental note: Get a life.

Love you, poppets. More later, I promise. Even if I have to make it up.

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