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... see, the thing about London that I love so very much is that she somehow, mysteriously, makes her residents respond to me in such a positive manner. Really, it's frightfully clever how I'm able to get into conversations that couldn't go any better even if they were scripted by the best screen writers in Hollywood.

Astonishing, really. Maybe it's the accent...

* * *

Of course, I went over there on business, and business I engaged in.

The company I used to work for has grown from eight people in a back room serving only Great Britain, to 100 people spread out over two floors in an office building, serving 22 countries. Jamie is largely responsible for this, and I'm incredibly proud of him. He's morphed from some kid who didn't really take his work seriously to a bloody marketing genius who's got a helluva lot of responsibility on his shoulders. His sales approach is brilliant and novel and because of that, the Canadian market doesn't really know what to do with it. I'm positively praying that the test marketing in which I've involved myself will go well, because after only a few hours back at the firm, I knew that I've never wanted anything as badly as I want this. God, I can bloody well taste it.

I want to run the Canadian branch, and I want to make a success of it. I want the entrepreneurial spirit that runs through my blood to take hold of this fantabulous opportunity, and run with it.

I want. I want so much. This time though, I think it can actually happen. Isn't that something? I mean, isn't that just something?

I think this trip was exactly what I needed to shake myself out of the stupor I've been in. Honestly? This may sound cornier than a field in Iowa, but right now, it feels like a new day has dawned in my life, and there's nothing but sunshine and promise ahead.

Oh God. I hope so.

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