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Christmas 2002 Part Deux 2002-12-26










I'm taking bets... anyone willing to wager that I gained at least 10 pounds today? Jaysus, I'm feelin' fat and bloated. Times like this, I wish I was a little nutso... at least then, I woulda purged it out... (And please, don't be lecturing me on the dangers of bulimia. I swear, if I hear that word one more time, I'm gonna vomit.)(Hee!)

Ok, so, wanna know what I got? (I'm twelve.)

My parents started me on housewares. What I thought I was picking for my sister, at Mikasa with my mother a couple of weeks ago, was actually intended for me. I received 8 five-piece place settings plus the service stuff... the platter and bowl and milk and sugar... and I'm so happy! I love them! They're so cute! Now all I need is a house and a husband...
My brother got me a gift certificate to buy much needed clothes. Lovely, and absolutely necessary. My aunt and uncle gave me money. Again, lovely, and necessary. Conspiracy Theorist, my sister's boyfriend, gave me Porno, by Irvine Welsh. I've started it already, and it's making me happy. My sister gifted me with a jewelry box and Davidoff Cool Water, and a basket full of Biotherm stuff. Love the Cool Water. Have wanted it for ages. Smells so pretty... I got a rally pretty sweater from another aunt/uncle set... Oh, did I tell you that Sleyefox got me a French Connection top? It says Vive Le F.C.U.K., and I love it. You know how much I wanted that damn FCUK shirt... (Plus, my boobs look fabulous in it.) Ter&Steve got me a book of cocktails, to go with the few-years-going theme they've got going with me. Martini glasses, cocktail shakers, sterling silver olive spears... do you see the pattern here? So, very happy about that. All in all, I did exceptionally well, but more than that, I'm very satisfied that everything I gave to my loved ones made them happy. And that is what it's all about, right?

Enjoy your last bits of Christmas, my friends.... and to all a good night.

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