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Many, many thanks to Moviegrrl, who not only made my frustratingly Teflon-like Notify List stick, but also tweaked my page so it's a little less offensive on the eyes. And honestly, I tried, poppets! I really did! In fact, at one point, I actually did get it to stick all by myself, but it looked so horrid, so ghastly, I just couldn't leave it there! It was a blight on page, a pimple on my nose, a very bad haircut. So, Moviegrrl to the rescue. And now? Now I have a Notify List, and gosh and golly if I don't feel like Spiderman's girlfriend in Bring It On! right after she made captain of the squad! Whee!

* * *

So, I went shopping last night. And aside from the pretty mutandi that I bought, I also picked up a sweater for my brother, for Christmas. My brother is hard to shop for, being six feet and change, 230 lbs and change. The boy who helped me - oh, so cute - all of... 18, maybe? Tall and lanky, with a face right out of a Norman Rockwell painting... really, just wonderful. And so polite! I love it when teenagers these days aren't stupid and rude! (Like the girl who served me at Fairweather... 16, 17-years old, with makeup that made her look like she was hiding a 45-year old face. Each hair in her eyelashes looked like they had been mascara'd individually, with a solid and consistent coat of high-density ink, solidified into the appearance of long and fluttery false lashes. Every time she blinked, she started a draft.)

Anyway, American Eagle Boy. How truly lovely he was. At one point, because I know approximately squat about how to make a lad look good, I asked him to help me find a sweater that could be easily jujj'd up or down, and he totally knew what I was talking about! Thank you, Fab 5, for spreading your wisdom through the generations!

And because I needed to reverse the evil karma I inflicted on myself because of the utter diva-like way I'd behaved to a bunch of other clerks last night, I made sure to commend the AE Boy to his boss. I even laughingly mentioned that he knew what I meant by 'jujj'. And the boss said, "Er... jujj?" So I asked him if he'd ever seen Queer Eye. When he said yes, I expressed my surprise that he didn't know what it meant, and he responded, "I'm gay and I don't know what that means! God! Maybe I need a hag!"

Huh. I can pencil you in, I suppose....

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