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Though it may look it, I don't actually need more cats just yet! 2004-11-09










Ok, then. So that conversation is over.

Obviously, it was a whole fluky evening, because since then, my interest in every other male on Earth has heightened, and he has been... back-burnered. Is that horrible? I mean, it's been, what, days? Hours? Still, I suspect he's feeling the exact same way, so it can't be that bad. How is it possible to go to sleep feeling one way, and wake up feeling another? It was like the evening I spent with him was a passing flu bug or something. It made me light-headed and feverish for a few hours, and then oddly drained and wanting to feel better the next day. (Doesn't Carrie explore this very issue in more than a couple episodes of Sex and the City?)

Ah, but your Mare always has a contingency plan, poppets. Granted, this contingency plan kind of came on the scene a few weeks ago, in the form of a redhead with more than a couple brain cells to rub together. (Not only can he spell, treacles, but he can spell Very Large Words!) So! Yet another adventure!

Let the games begin! Again! (Although, maybe not with dinner this time. I think I'll just stick with the two-drink-maximum previously employed. I wonder if maybe it's all that food made it so euphoric. I mean, hello! Lasagna? What was I thinking?)

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