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We All Know That Ewan Loves Me 2003-02-25










It's a wonderfully musical day today.

My mood is being powered by whatever is flowing through the speakers, and so far, I've been able to alternate between empowerment and feminine giddiness. It's kind of an interesting and heady mix actually, and if you're name isn't Celine Dion, it really makes your company something sought after.

It all started as soon as I woke up, actually. See, my morning ablutions tend to be something I perform in a haze. I'm perfectly able to take a 15-minute cold shower without losing the ability to go back to bed and fall asleep within minutes. Is that weird? I don't think that's weird. Anyway, because of that, some mornings, I've got to pick a good resounding CD to sing along with so I'm really able to wake up. This morning, the shower music of choice was the soundtrack to Moulin Rouge.

I program my bathing time to three specific tracks. (I have a tendency to fall asleep standing under a good, strong stream of hot water, otherwise.) I start out with the Elephant Love Medley... you know, where Ewan performs some serious wooing on me... er... Nicole. The first few bars of the song, I stand under the water, eyes closed, trying to summon the strength not to drop the soap. Then comes the hair.
Shampoo, rinse, repeat, start humming.
Shampoo, rinse and here it comes WE COULD BEEE LO-VVVERS! Rinse shampoo out of eyes and scream it out again... WE COULD BE LUH-UH-VERS!

Oh YEAH, baby! Now we're awake! GOD LIFTS US UP WHERE WE BELONG! Sing it, Ewan! Sing it to me! Me! MEEEE! I LOVE YOU, EWAN! (I've been using Herbal Essences lately.)

Of course, I need to get out of the shower sometime. As fun as it is at this point, all things must come to an end, COOOME WHAAT MAAAAAYYYY! I WILL LOOOVE YOU, UNTIL MY DYYYYYYYING DAAAAYYYY!

So far so good. I've made it through my shower in two tracks, which is fortunate, as I'm running late today anyway. I crack open the sliding door and reach for my towel, darting my arm back inside because the air outside the bathtub is freezing. I furiously towel-dry my hair, soak up the excess water from my skin, and then, flinging the door aside again, I face myself in the mirror, naked and gorgeous, just in time to scream out with Jose Feliciano RAAAWWWWXXXAAANNNNE!

Yeah! Just try to tell me - aside from waking up with Ewan McGregor that that isn't the best way to come alive in the morning!

Sing it out today, my lovelies! Sing it loud!

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