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Aimless Meanderings 2003-02-22










It's 7:15 in the morning on this 21st day of February. I'm sweaty and slightly nauseous, and my insides seem to be roiling about. I blame it on Jane Fonda, circa 1987.

I woke inexplicably early this morning, and in a moment of positivity and delusion, I launched myself out of bed and into sweats and trainers. Then, in a moment of nostalgia, I bypassed the TaiBo tape, the Dance Like Britney Spears In That Video tape, all the Rockin' With/Sweatin' With/Broadway Spectacle'n With Richard Simmons tapes, and pulled out an old Jane Fonda. I gotta tell you... it's easily that sweatiest workout I've got. Aerobics are hard, man! And those fluorescent unitards they were wearing? That stuff just ain't right.

* * *

So, today's Friday. I'm kind of looking forward to a repeat performance of last weekend's sloth, but this time, with movies. My VCR was acting stupidly, but it's decided to behave again. (Oh shut up. I haven't joined the DVD generation yet.) Anyway, I've got a Cary Grant to finish, two Doris Day's that I bought months ago and still haven't watched, and a Blockbuster that needs visiting. As horrible as my intentions are though, I doubt I'll be able to entertain my desires all that much. For one thing, I kind of have the hankering to browse around Chapters for a while. And then there's that Gap gift certificate that I could really make use of. And you know, you can't just go shopping and then claim the rest of the weekend for slobbing around in a dejected and lonely trance. Once you've put on makeup in the early part of a Saturday afternoon, there's no going back. You can't just climb back into your pyjamas after that. It's just not right. One has to make a decision and stick to it. You either waste a whole weekend, or you don't. You don't just pick a few hours here and there, you know. If you're gonna just let yourself go for a few days, you have to do it properly.

* * *

I had a lovely dream last night. Not saucy, per se, but it was romantic and all in soft-focus, so I looked really good. And someone - I'm not sure who, but I've narrowed it down to a couple of fabulous possibilities - laid a kiss on me that I could still taste when I woke up. I LOVE it when that happens. It was so real! And the best part was that I wasn't expecting it at all. This wonderful guy just came up to me and planted one because he said he had always wanted to. How cool is THAT? Man, my life is awesome when I'm sleeping!

* * *

I really need to go take a shower. Maybe I'll update again later. I feel the urge to aimlessly meander with words today...

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