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Honestly, the best set of words in the universe may very possibly be "Original Price $24.95, Now only $7.99."

I bought a hardback book for exactly the latter price plus tax, poppets, and really, that's the only reason I WOULD buy a hardback book. Don't get me wrong - I buy books, but only in paperback. See, the idea that the new Harry Potter goes for around $50.00 is so intensely disgusting to me, I can barely stand to think about it. Reading should not be an elitist activity! Books! Books should not be expensive! Books should not have a mark-up that paints the sky! Ok? Oh sure, there are libraries... with only 2 copies of each of Rowland's books, and a waiting list that's as long as the Great Wall!

So, what does that say to you, my lovelies? It says that not only do the 'cool (and moneyed) kids' in the school yard get the funkiest jeans, and the prettiest pencil cases and the latest violence inspiring computerised toy, but they also get the newest book. And that's just wrong.

Don't look at me like that - HP5 was lent to me, and while I know that's cheating on my own rules, I didn't buy the damn thing, no matter how much I wanted to. I will buy it one day... perhaps 3 years from now, when it finally hits paperback, but not a day before.

I had no intention of soapboxing. In fact, I only do two things for pseudo-political reasons, and they generally don't require much energy on my part.
1. I don't contribute to the highway robbery that is the sale of hardback books.
2. Even though I'm Canadian and totally allowed to, I don't go to Cuba.

Yeah, I'm an activist. But only if I don't have to get up too early.

* * *

So, check this out. I went to dance last night, and all day, I was "Oh my toe hurts" and "I'm really not in the mood" and "Isn't there a good summer re-run I could be watching?" About dance! Can you believe it? I couldn't get it up for DANCE! That's like not being able to get it up for chocolate, or alcohol or naughtiness in the backseat of a car!

But then I get there, and I was able to take an advanced rumba class, and rumba is one of my favourite dances, because it's all about love and romance and syncopated foreplay. So, already, I'm in a better mood. But because I was tired, and my poor, battered toe really did hurt, I felt like I just wasn't dancing to the best of my ability. Frankly, though the rumba may be about love and romance, last night, I felt like I was dancing the story of the morning after, and a broken condom.

Right, then. Later on, during the practice party, Shy-But-Taking-Dance-To-Increase-His-Confidence-Paul asked me to cha cha with him. So there we are, and SBTDTIHCPaul leads a step called the sweetheart, and I follow nicely, and we both grin, and I remarked that I love that step, and when it's done nicely, it feels really good. And SBTDTIHCPaul says, "You probably feel good all the time then, because I've seen your cha cha. You have a beautiful cha cha." Eeee! Beautiful cha cha! I have a beautiful cha cha! How lovely is that?

And then, and then? This OTHER student comes up to me. She's relatively new, and she came and introduced herself to me, holding out her hand and saying, "Hi. I'm Cathy." And I said, "Hello. Lovely to meet you. I'm Mare-Ingenii." And she said, "I love the way you dance. I love watching you." Eeee! She loves the way I dance! Loves! The way! I dance!

So that felt good. And my toe? It still hurts today, but I can't wait to go to dance tonight.

Man. It's just too easy with me sometimes, isn't it?


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