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There is just too much.

Oh, I know. I say that every time I leave the city for a few days, an come back all withdrawl-y and sad and lacking in joie de vivre.

But seriously, poppets, there are just not enough words in the English language that I can use to truly give justice to the stupendously wondrous weekend I just had.

You know, I think I'm just going to start at the beginning. No, not Friday. Waaaay before that. I'm going to start with Queer as Folk.

Oh, shush. You know my love for the Gorgeous Gay Naked Men Having Sex With Each Other Show transcends my love even for chocolate. I'll prove it to you. I have never, not even once, Googled chocolate. But once upon a time, I Googled QaF, and I landed on that most esteemed and snarkful site Television Without Pity. Oh, addicted I became, and addicted I remain. The recaps made me laugh out loud, but even more so, the forums had me gasping for breath and slapping my thighs. These people were funny, darlings! There was one guy in particular who started a thread devoted to Queer As Folk haikus. Haikus, poppets!

Queer as Folk Haikus
Started by lovely Timbrat
How brilliant is that?

So, one day, I decided to open up Timbrat's profile. I saw that he had a website, and clicked the clicky to see what he had to say. And... presto! I was introduced to the wonderful world of online diaries.

Timbrat led me to Weet who led me to TranceJen and William and Sundry and Chauffi. They were all there, poppets. They were all there, and we drank and danced and sang and debauched a marble floor together. We laughed, we snarked, we went up for another round.

And they're amazing, you guys. I learned so much this weekend, but what really stands out is having spent time with people who, on a regular basis, express themselves so fantastically well. Seriously? It was an honour.

And that's not all! SO many others! Too many to name today, but it'll all come out eventually. And so much to say! It was a jam-packed weekend, my beauties, with 20-hour days full of joy and wonder. Really, Iím just exhausted right now. Iím working on auto-pilot, just trying to get through the day. But it was so worth it.

Austin's JournalCon was excellent, y'all.

More soon, I promise.

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