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My capacity for stupidity today is simply astounding. Really, it's so high, you'd have to tilt your head waaay back and shield your eyes in order to see it properly.

I'm THAT stupid.

Remember the other day, when I said I was taking over the newsletter? And I was all excited because I'd be able to play with words again, which always spins my wheels? Right, so I did it. Pierce helped me format it, because I'm not technically inclined, and frankly, I can't even make a Word document do anything beyond... er... spell check. Right, so I get the bloody thing done, and then, after checking, re-checking and getting final approval, I finally send it out.
To all our offices, across Canada.

See, when I'm out to prove that I'm stupid, I've got to do it on a national level.

The bloody thing won't open. I sent it as an attachment, and it won't bloody open! Within minutes of sending it, Montreal called and asked where the hell it was! And the worst part is that yesterday, Pierce TOLD me to send him a copy first, he'd publish it on the Intranet, and then send a link, which is what I would send out. But do I remember to do that? Noooo, of course not! Why? Because it's my job in life to prove I'm stupid, not just locally, but across the friggin' country.


Pierce is fixing it now, and I am most certainly driving him insane with questions and random stupidity. It's my M.O., I think.

Again, dammit.

* * *

I received an interesting proposal from The Domestics in London. It seems I may have ties with my old company again. That is, if I don't louse it up with MY OWN GODDAMN LACK OF BRAINS! I mean, really! How do I manage to get my fork to my mouth without hurting myself or spilling my food?!

More later. For now, I'm just going to mope and wallow in my own shame.

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