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Fermentation and Costume Fun 2002-10-18










Operation Mini-Skirt Status: -22.8 lbs.

Days to England: 26

Mood: Slightly icky, as storm-like headache still looming; however forecasts show more ibuprofen and sunnier skies near the afternoon.

My house smells of wine. The fermentation has begun, and the smell reaches up and hits you in the face as you enter the house. It kind of fades after a while, unless one moves rather quickly and stirs up the air, and then everybody is hit with it again. As I'm nodding off to sleep at night, my dreams become lubricated with the perfume of my father's pride and joy.

I've had some really cool, really whacked out dreams this week.

My father, of course, is in his glory. "Isn't that beautiful?" he'd exclaim, as we squint our eyes because the fermentation fumes are making them water...

* * *

This weekend will be spent trying to get my Halloween costume in order.

I love, love, absolutely ADORE Halloween!

I'm not one to go for the scary, icky, gothic type costumes. No, Halloween is wonderful because I get to release my inner cuteness. My Iwoan friend Jezebel loves Halloween because it's dark and creepy, and if all goes according to plan, completely devoid of happiness. Halloween for her is Christmas; birthdays and Valentine's all rolled into one.

(For the record, Christmas rates higher for me, just because of that mass-produced spirit of joy and peace that everyone wears on their sleeve. Oh all right. And the presents.)

So, anyway, I've got to either find a red Lucy wig, or I'm going to have to curl my hair and spray with that toxic-like substance that's known as Halloween hair dye. Either way, a bit of discomfort is a must. I either sweat under the wig, or stink 'cause of the spray. I've also got to take up the hem of the dress that will be sacrificed for the occasion, which hurts a bit, but really, I've had it for years, and as cute as it is, it's sadly out of date. When you're 28 years old, a bright red dress with white polka dots and a sailor collar only looks good on October 31st, you know?

Then I've got to get the brightest shade of red lipstick I can find, false eyelashes... oh, a white belt for the dress... maybe another crinoline? I'm not sure...

Oh, inner cuteness, how I love thee... be ready to be released yet again!

Happy Friday, all!

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