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Food is Love, and Don't You Forget It! 2002-10-24










Oh. My. Gawd.

Today is such a busy day! My firm is hosting a social for our contractors this evening, and for the past few weeks, I've had the glorious task of taking part in its organisation. (Frankly, between you and I, I don't think I did a half-bad job!) I must say though, that if I get the opportunity to do it again next year, there are some changes I will make to facilitate a smoother process. I'd like to avoid, if I can, that whole chicken-with-it's-head-cut-off feeling that has come over me at certain points in the last few days.

S'all good. Everything is a learning experience.

* * *

So I went out with the girls last night. As it was a Wednesday evening and I'm off the jar right now, we didn't do the Sex and The City-cosmopolitan in one hand, cigarette in the other-in a sophisticated little lounge-thing.

No no. What we did was the Ain't Gettin' Nothin' In This Or Any Other City-decaf coffee in one hand, cigarette in the other-at the nearest freakin' Perkins-thing.

Slight difference, non?

Still, it was a fabulous time. We bitched and snarked, giggled and gossiped, and it was great fun!

The newest crop of hotties in our lives were duly presented and verbally dissected; classified as vague possibilities or definite do-ables. (No one is a negative. Boys are easy.)

It was decided that love is precious, and pro-and-con lists are just silly. You either know he's the one, or you don't. And finally, it was unanimously agreed that food is love, and we owe it to ourselves to glorify in it, as long as we can still fit our lovely arses in a pair of Dolce & Gabbanas's!

Love yourself today, darlings, and eat a cream cheese bagel for me!

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