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Operation Mini-Skirt Status: - 26.2 lbs.

Days to England: 19

Mood: Too exhausted to feel anything.

Ok, check this out... my superbly wonderful Welsh friend Chris emailed me a piece of local gossip that is sure to shock those who bother to care.

Little Miss Charlotte Church, she of the voice of an angel; 17 year old singer for Popes and Queens and masses of adoring fans, has landed herself on the front page of a local newspaper in Wales. She's pictured smoking what appears to be a cigarette but is, on closer inspection, a great, big, ol' joint.

Tsk tsk tsk Charlotte! What were you thinking? Were you trying to catch the glazed-over eyes of Prince Harry, in the hopes of becoming even more of a princess?

Or was it just peer pressure? I'm picturing an evening in L.A. when Tommy Mottola takes his million dollar angel to dinner with the ex-wife, and doesn't want you to feel left out when Mariah digs into her dessert of Quaaludes and Stoli. So out comes the wacky tobaccy....

Again, tsk tsk tsk, dollface...

* * *

I'm so tired. I'm so very, very tired. Weary, really. It's been a long week, and yesterday seemed to last forever. The Social that I had a hand in planning took place last night, was a fantastic success, and is thankfully over. I couldn't touch the alcohol, or any of the appetisers, or the oysters they were shucking for us... but I managed to shake hands and schmooze with 150 people, which left me with a sore face from smiling, and frankly, the need to wash my hands every 10 or 15 minutes. Still, I met a lot of interesting people and had a lot of laughs. One of the guys I met jumps out of planes as often as he can! Insanity! Skydiving is madness!

After the Social, I went out for a drink (oh, it was club soda, alright!) with Hamlet, which was lovely, as I hadn't seen him in something approaching two years. He's sporting a beard now, which finally gives him a somewhat manly look, although he'll always retain a boyish look about him.

God, youthful looks are totally wasted on a guy.

* * *

Tomorrow night is the start of Halloween festivities. Cocktails at sleyefox's house, and then Lucy Ricardo and the rest of the gang will take themselves off to some club in the city to dance, drink (or not), see, and be seen. So basically, just like any other night, but in masquerade instead. Speaking of garb... I'm wearing a new top today. It's bright red, and fitted... and get this... it's a size Medium! I'm not sure, but I think I caught one of the Pariahs staring at my... er... womanly bounty!

Man, I need a nap. I must be seeing things. I just must be.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

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