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Operation Mini-Skirt: - 40.8 lbs.
Mood: Let's see... Christmas is coming, I'm wearing beautiful new boots that hug my calves in a most fetching manner, and when I walk in a room, people say, "Jesus, Mare, you're so skinny!" Yeah, I feel good.

* * *

I'm not shallow. I just take happiness in the little things.

* * *

So, you know I spent all day Friday in a mall. ALL day Friday. This would have been a most torturous experience had I not done some nifty pre-planning. I was able to co-ordinate how every hour and every dollar was spent. It was an exemplary model of organisation. It will, most likely, never happen again.

Most of Friday night was spent writing, as I had a burst of creative energy that had to be taken advantage of. I love it when that happens. You sit in front of the computer, and face the demon that is a blank screen, and if you're really lucky, ideas just flow out of your fingertips and onto the keyboard, sprinkling the air around you with descriptives that evoke rich images and aesthetically pleasing alliteration.

In a rare occurrence of girly togetherness, a good portion of Saturday was spent with my mother and sister at the One Of A Kind show, down at Exhibition Place. Artisans from every genre were there, hawking their wares. We all made purchases, unique and interesting stuff that called out to us, demanding that we take possession, that we admit our love for that which was calling out our names in the first place. My mother surprised me by tapping into her inner-funkiness and purchasing the most cool-ass candlesticks I have ever laid eyes on.

Money spent on oneself is always money well spent, my people.

* * *

A bunch of us went to Mint & Menthe for Sleyefox's birthday on Saturday night. This is a very cool place, indeed. Not very large, but multileveled to give the illusion of space. Also, instead of tables and chairs, there were beds and nightstand-type structures scattered strategically around the room. Space and movement-wise, it was excellent, but even more importantly, it was conducive to conversation. Well, it would have been if the music hadn't been so loud. For a place that calls itself a lounge bar, the volume was rather in the sky-range. Still, I would totally go back. The crowd had a great vibe - hip and stylish, upwardly mobile condo-owning types that fit squarely in the rapidly ageing Generation-X range.

* * *

I spent Sunday decking the halls with boughs of holly, as my mother The Christmas Dictator, supervised the proper placement of each piece of holiday paraphernalia.
For years, the woman has been craving a red and gold themed tree, and for years, I've been resisting, preferring that the time honoured - if slightly ratty - ornaments of decades past retain their places on our tree.

She says chuck the old stuff. And the worst part is that she's winning the battle. Every year, she comes home with new decorations, all bearing that old-fashioned sheen and pseudo-Victorian design that can only be found in the modern day department store. And really, how can I resist such new and pretty things?

The thing is, and perhaps I have a habit of developing special bonds with inanimate objects, but I feel inordinately guilty about leaving the moulting birds, the threadbare baubles, and the plastic drops in the box while shamelessly hanging the shimmering new ornaments in the welcoming boughs of a fresh new fir. I mean, they're ugly as sin, but they've served us well, you know? Those decorations have hung from trees that stood in my grandmother's living room. They were already ancient when they survived the passage of time and locale and started gracing our own tree close to two decades ago. They twinkled over my dolls, over a cassette of Michael Jackson's Thriller, over a bright blue, acid washed denim skirt that hurts my brain to think about but gave me an immeasurable amount of joy when I opened it up on Christmas morning.

I don't know. Pretty is nice, and having a stylish tree is lovely, but... I like the old stuff too, you know?

I think that next year; a second tree is a viable option!

Enjoy your day, all.

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