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I awoke today from a deliciously comfortable sleep; it was a night where I could tell from the state of the bedclothes that I hadn't tossed and turned too much. I slept deeply, my mind full of rose-tinted dreams with softly blurred edges.

The air this morning was crisp with the kind of bite in the air that is reasonable for this time of year, rather than the frigid, bone-chilling bitterness of the past few days. It's a day when smokers don't mind going outside, but then are reluctant to light up because the air actually smells fresh and good and clean. The kind of day where you don't have to run from the house to the car to the office as fast as you possibly can, so as not to let your nose run and your fingers freeze and your toes burn with cold-induced pain. The kind of day where looking up will give you a reward of clear, blue sky rather than dirty, grey clouds. It's the kind of day that, despite a snowy forecast, still reminds you that spring will actually happen.

Even my dedication to remaining forever shallow and upholding a full level of vanity is working for me. My hair, though not at it's absolute best because of my recent bout with flu-like ickiness, still managed to act accordingly with my wishes. My outfit is classic, yet inspired; bright and cheerful without being loud and overbearing - but more importantly, it shows off my newly acquired waistline.

All things combined, it's turned out to be a lovely, even, flow of a morning, with that wonderful hint of promise in the air. Now, if only I could discern whether it's a promise of good things to come, or bad... Isn't that horrible? My promise to stay positive has been given a boost by everything around me, and I still fail to grasp it by the reins and run with it. That's it then. I've decided.

That delectable feeling, that irresistible urge to reach out and grab a share of spring fever a few months too early... that willingness to smile at strangers and enjoy every song on the radio; to open your heart and fall in love with love itself...

It's a very addictive thing; this feeling called... hope? Is that what it is? Simple hope that my day will end as contentedly as it began?

Perhaps. It's a good thing, whatever it is. I hope you have it, too.

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