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My Coffee Smells Like Sex 2003-01-24










Operation Mini-skirt: -44.4 lbs.
Mental State: fairly healthy. It's Friday, after all.

Pearce said that my coffee smelled like sex today.
Later on, he denied it, saying I had misheard him (which is entirely likely) and he had actually opined that it smelled like something a tad more organic.
I like my version better. Hazelnut cream coffee, like truffles and oysters does actually carry that musky scent that fills a room after a particularly heated coital session.
I do not have a one-track mind.

* * *

Going dancing tomorrow! Whoo hoo! Gonna make a spectacle of myself in honour of the fact that the January blahs won't be tolerated any longer, dammit!

* * *

So, I'm in the middle of planning the big reunion. It will be five years this summer since that most international bunch of us got so close to each other in a crummy little hostel in West End London. I'm in the midst of organising a four-day, drink and debauchery filled event that sure to leave it's mark on the pavements of Montreal... God, I really hope I can't be held liable for that!
I spoke to Amazon, Bubbles and Miz Parker the other day, and my choice of hotel has been approved. As well, in as much as the group is comprised of either twinks or fruit-flys, the fact that the reunion is being held over Pride weekend in Montreal is a fabulous bonus!

And that's all for now, my lovely ones. Have a most fantastic weekend!

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