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I'm sitting at my kitchen table.

Last night, I was lying on my bed, and this morning, I'm sitting at my kitchen table.

This is all very remarkable. When I'm visiting this particular piece of real estate, I'm usually in my office in the basement, on a rather stout and sturdy chair, with no knowledge of the light of day. But now, I'm at my kitchen table, and the morning light is streaming through the glass sliding doors to my right, and my coffee is steaming and, poppets, I have a pretty new laptop! And I'm all wireless and fancy, with my big old screen and the weird mouse button in the middle that I don't know if I like yet, but pretty much convinces me that my laptop is a girl. Also, when my I.T. guy was showing me how it all works, he was getting mighty excited about a whole gig of ram, which is like, um... is that important? What's a gig, anyway? And is it a ram because I bought it under an Aries moon? Hmm?

I've never had a laptop before, and people, I just didn't know what fun was before this! (Seriously, I ought to get out more. This is what fun is for me these days?)

Oh, you know what excites me the most? You know who I can be now? I can be like those smart looking people you see in coffee houses. They always have the best seats in the corner, and while they sip at their giganto venti-spumenti latte-shulattes, they type furiously and intently, putting the finishing touches on their new book, or their Master's thesis or some wierd epic poem. Except, not, because you know that they're totally chatting with some hot guy in Utah or something. I mean, seriously, who gets that smiley over a thesis?

So yeah, I totally want to be like them. Only with better accessories. (Also, hot guy. But I want my hot guy to swoop into the place, and I want him to maybe have a little stubble and wire-rimmed glasses that he only uses for reading, and I want him to be a part-time model and a part-time university professor, and I want him to play the piano at night, in our living room. Jazz maybe. Jazz with no shirt on.)

Where was I going with this? Accessories! Yes! Right, so I need to be able to carry this baby around. Anybody have any ideas as where I can a really great, I don't know, satchel or something? Now, remember, I need to be practical. It has to go with all my outfits. Failing that, something glam and fabulous and funky and fun would do just nicely, too. Suggestions? Ohh, the pressure.

Also, if I take this thingy (God, she really needs a name) to England next month, (Hi! Going to England next month!), does anybody know if I can do the pluggy thing with an adaptor? Or will that make my new baby explode?

Oh oh! I just thought of something! When you all go there in October, I can show you my new best friend! And maybe you can show me how it works!

Kisses, my beauties!

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