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I just don't understand this weather. It's bright, yet gloomy. Warm, yet rainy. Sunny, yet nippy. I don't know what the hell to put on in the morning! Today I've got on tights, and a wool skirt and lightweight sweater with long sleeves - and I'm so warm, I'm flushed (and not in the good way, either). However, I know very well that if I was wearing a lighter skirt, or short-sleeves, I'd be all goose-pimply (and not in the good way, either!) My office alternates between Arctic Freeze and the Sahara at high noon. There is no in-between. As a result, my inner barometer has just been diagnosed as bi-polar. It's all very distressing. One can only hope that a lovely fellow happens along on one of the colder days, so that I may leap upon him and gain some body warmth.

* * *

Mandy called me last Sunday, after I'd returned from Niagara Falls. She said she wanted to fix my plans for the following weekend before anything else came up. Hee! That gave me an inner glow that lasted for a good few days. It's nice to know that there are people who vie for my company. You like me! You really like me! So, I'm going dancing this weekend, which makes me so happy, I could just leap upon a passing fellow.

* * *

Did everyone see American Idol last night? Oh. My. God. Trenyce should have stayed another week. I mean, she was really starting to appeal to me. Josh... oh man... I can only attribute Josh not being kicked out and Rueben being in the bottom two to sympathy votes. Everyone thinks that someone else is voting for Rueben, and then votes for Josh out of sympathy because of Simon's tongue lashing... which is just stupid. America, what are you thinking?! However, this does give me pause for thought... maybe Rueben wasn't as close to the top as we thought. Maybe the real competition will be between Kimberly and Clay. It's all very disconcerting. These are the real puzzles in my life, let me tell you. I can hope only that a lovely fellow comes along, so that I may leap upon him. We all must take our comfort where we can get it, after all.

Right. That's it, poppets. As you can see, I've nothing overly pressing on my mind today. Nothing that would serve as a recurring theme, anyway. Love you all.

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