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Good Wishes 2003-04-03










Today, just for fun, I'm going to skip The Whine, and just opt for some semblance of light-hearted happiness.

How's that? Does that work for you? It's all about you today, poppets. Enough of my self-indulgent whinging. It may be my diary, but I'm starting to irritate the hell out of myself. Plus, you know very well that I was looking the way I was writing, and frankly, I don't wear semi-sloth and self-pity well. I'm perfectly accessorised and I've got a vague 1940's feel to me today. It's working. My spirits are lifted. Now it's time to lift yours.

So, in the spirit of Spring Fever and smiles and spring in your steps, these are my wishes for you today, dollfaces. Oh all right. They're my wishes for me too. My mamma didn't raise no fool.

I hope someone sends you flowers today.
I hope someone writes a love letter on Lettersanon and it's directed to you.
May some member of your family call you up and make you laugh.
May you get a raise.
Have a great hair day.
Get a phone number.
Give a phone number.
I hope you book your vacation today.
Or a massage.
Or a haircut.
Give someone a compliment - it'll make you feel so good.
Eat something you love a lot.
Have a martini.
I hope you step on a scale and step off smiling.
May you turn on the radio, and three of your favourite songs play in a row.
Catch someone looking at your bottom.
I hope you get mail with a pretty stamp and a letter inside.
Get out of work early.
Avoid traffic.
Start a really good book.
Find a tenner in last year's spring coat pocket.
Go to Starbucks and order a Toffee Nut Latte, then drink it in a sunny courtyard and daydream idly about boys in faraway places...

Enjoy the rest of the day, poppets. I really mean that.

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