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Snow? 2003-04-04










Operation Mini-Skirt: -45.8 lbs.
Mental Status: Frazzled. It's disgusting out there. We got several inches of freezing rain yesterday afternoon, which eventually mellowed into snow, which will continue into this evening. It's impossible to shovel the driveway, and disconcerting to step on top of a pile of snow, and not fall through because it's frozen solid. It's kind of like walking on water, only probably not as peaceful.

I think I may be coming down with something, which is just ridiculous and horrible. I've got a little icky in my throat, so I've been sucking on enough Vitamin C and Echinacea and Zinc to choke a small horse. It doesn't help that Toronto has been hit with a SARS epidemic and I'm paranoid at the very best of times.

* * *

Are you cold? I'm cold. It's definately cold in here. Thank God for padded bras.

* * *

I was pulled into my manager's office yesterday. What with the the layoffs of the Piranha's and my Veep, there are obviously going to be some changes areound here. The good thing is that she realizes that I'm severely underpaid, and promised to go to battle for me. This thrills me to no end, as I could be wasting a lot more money than I already am.

* * *

Right. More later. I've got some daydreaming to do. And, you know, work.

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