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Friday. Oh wondrous and spectacular Friday, full of all the promise in the world.

But first, so that we may appease your insanely curious nature, I urge you to go visit a seriously hot boy, a beautiful girl, an exceptionally superb chick and a definate heartwarmer. They all played The Question Game that the amazing moviegrrl invented, which has resulted in oodles of Ingenii joy. Oodles, I tell you! The game's still on, poppets. And I'm telling you... it's fabulously pornax.

* * *

So, tonight I'm going to a black tie evening of ballroom dancing, where hopefully I will meet the man of my dreams. However, the chances of that are low, and because I'm a girl who firmly believes in a contingency plan, after the gorgeous lilt and sway of The Dance, I'll be joining some friends and cousins for a ladies' night that's being held for next week's bride. (You know. The bride that will be outshone because of me and My Better-Then-Halle-Berry-Dress. Oh leave me alone. We all have fantasies.) Anyway, the night? These girls? All gorgeous. Seriously. They're all far too hot to believe. Normally, this would scare holy hell out of me - no one likes to be the token fat chick, you know? Except... ha HA! I'm not fat anymore! And, and and AND... there's one other nugget of gold that's just to good to be true. I'm the only single one! Whhhheeee! We're gonna be in a place full of pretty boys, I'm with a group of fantabulously gorgeous women who are all kind enough to have significant others, and I'm single! And not fat! And having a good hair day! Ok? People? Do you see what I'm saying here? Some will look at it as pathetic scrambling for leftovers. My martini glass is half full, people! I call it a Remarkable Field of Opportunity!

For the record, the little man in my head who conducts my internal orchestra just struck up the band. Oh God. They're playing Maneater.

And on that musical note, my darlings, I'm off. Love you all. Especially you.

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