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I'm barely keeping it together today, people. Your Mare is coming undone, and not in the good way.

I was originally going for a blue on black ensemble today; something that looks surprisingly well on me, and not at all bruise-like. Anyway, in true Weetabix fashion, I purposely picked socks, underwear and bra that all matched the outerwear, even though no one was going to see them. (Well, not the socks, anyway!) Except, then I decided that I wasn't quite in the mood to wear the pretty blue top anymore because it has short sleeves and even though the sun has finally come out, I'm just not ready to air out the upper arms. Still with me? Right. So, obviously, I had to change. And none of my tops were pleasing me over the black pants. So I put on grey pants and a black top. Which is fine, I suppose, except now? The lingerie? Doesn't match. And where does that leave me? Probably with heightened chances of gettin' some actually, because that only happens when something mismatching and/or hairy is going on under my clothes.

* * *

It's Angel's birthday today. Wonderful really, except that she looks a good seven years younger than she is, which sucks because I look three years older than I am, and inasmuch as she's six years older than I am, the equation all ends with me looking haglike. But, like, happy birthday, Angel!

* * *

I need your help today, poppets. A colleague is getting married, and is on the search for her wedding song. You know, that most wonderful love melody that will be their first dance as a married couple. Unfortunately, that most perfect choice is being insanely elusive. Suggestions are most welcome. Ok? Please? She really needs your help here.

Grazie. Love you. But you knew that...

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