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Just Before Easter 2003-04-17










I'm riding a dull edge of sadness today.

I'm not entirely sure why, but I suspect it has something to do with little things that mean nothing when they stand alone. I suspect that larger amounts of pressure at work and at home may be contributing to this shadow of melencholy. I suspect that it may have something to do with a fear of failure as I take on more and more atop my fatigue-addled brain. I suspect that it may have to do with carbohydrate guilt and a bloated body and a lack of discipline and a bag full of lies. I suspect that it may be hormonal and perfectly on schedule and therefore out of my control but totally the fault of every male on the planet.

I hope it goes away soon.

* * *

Tomorrow is Good Friday, the start of the first long weekend of the year. I'll spend part of the day fasting, we'll go to church, and then come home to eat a tradional calzone full of onions and olives that tastes like heaven but makes you smell like hell.

We're looking at twenty for Easter lunch on Sunday, and all the chaos that goes along with it. But I'm getting a hair cut on Saturday, so that will be my hour of indulgence and peace.

A wonderful thing indeed.

Have a lovely day, my friends. I mean that.

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