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So far, so good. 2003-05-28










Days to 1st annual 29th birthday: 3
Mental State: Whheeee!

Ladies and gentlemen, my wish for the hour (for I do have many wishes throughout the day, and feel it necessary to separate them into their own time zones) is for you all to be here, with me, right now. For then, you too would be able to enjoy the magic that has descended upon my suddenly hot and lucky self this week. It's like I'm carrying a lucky star on my shoulder, or maybe there's a horseshoe lodged somewhere. But then, I'd notice that, wouldn't I?

So, check it out. Last night, I was up far too late for a school night, and by the time I fell asleep, it was past two in the morning. It was a combination of work that had to be done, a conversation that was just too enlightening to give up, and wine that I didn't want to stop drinking. I don't know how it happened, or what I did to deserve it, but this morning some lovely and gentle wake-up fairy shook me into a complete and total state of alertness before my alarm went off! In as much as I went to bed totally expecting to either sleep through the alarm or go to battle with the snooze button and a headache every 9 minutes, to wake up rested was a lovely thing indeed.

Oh, and my hair? The coif from hell? Damn near styled itself this morning. I kid you not, it was like each strand spoke to me, saying, "Mare, we love you. We're sorry for giving you 6 weeks of unmitigated styling distress. We're sorry we didn't respond to pins or bands or curls or any of the other desperate attempts you made to mould us into the funky, low-grade, alterna-fun style you're used to having." Then, as if on cue, each tuft of hair responded lovingly as I gave it a little moussey affection, paying special attention with the Wella Mellow Goo pomade that it loves so much. (The morning ministrations, by the way, were all conducted to the album I bought on a whim last night. I love me some Russian lesbians. T.A.T.U., people. Go. Buy. Be fun and happy.

Then, today - and you'll want to brace yourselves for this - today, a Piranha took me out for lunch. I know! Isn't that so... un-Piranha-like? She wanted to thank me for all the hard work I've been doing with some of her more difficult clients, and so we lunched in a lovely New Orleans style dining room. (I had wrapped Cajun chicken, and organic greens with a raspberry vinaigrette. Yum.)

Ladies, gentleman, I'm a little afraid. Because then, I called Bohemian, the club we're going to on Saturday to celebrate the Ingenii birthdays. (Teacher's is tomorrow, y'see.) I was able to reserve the Corner Lounge for my group, which just kicks almighty ass, because it's cosy and comfortable and discreet, while still being close enough to one of the bars and the dance floor to be part of the scene. Plus? It's got two amazingly cool, giant leopards on the wall. Leopards people. NOT cougars. That's a very important distinction that must be made when one is about to celebrate one's first annual 29th birthday.

Right, so it's been a good day so far. It's been a good few days, and for this, I am afraid. I really want this to last, darlings. Am I being greedy by asking that the happy, lucky streak stays at least until the 31st, and then, maybe, sticks around just a bit longer? Because I could totally get used to this. And you know, just as a cherry on top kind of deal... I'm totally enjoying the attentions of certain gorgeous boys which has given me no end of mirth and blushes.

Ok. Okay I'm not even going to talk about it anymore. (Not today, anyway.) I'm just gonna thank all that is holy, and enjoy. You do it too, huh? Excellent day to you, poppets.

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