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The It Girl 2003-12-14










You know that girl? That girl! The It Girl! The one that flits about your world, in and out, the total embodiment of youth and effervesence and beauty and... You know the one! She's gorgeous, with perfect, silky hair that moves around her face like a satin fan, and every time she tilts her head, one of a million different shades is relected in her tresses. She's the one that always manages to snag the best spot at the bar, and sits just so, with crossed legs that go on forever, encased in fishnets that hint of old-fashioned allure, dangling the highest, most beautiful, - not at all sensible, made only for swaggering and dancing - shoes in the world.

Oh, she's a devil, that one. She knows how to make an entrance. She leaves the amateurs to be fashionably late, so that they do nothing but walk into a room full of people who've already found conversations to devote themselves. What kind of entrance is that, she asks herself, and knows instinctively that it's nothing but an annoying one, a hackneyed one, a truly bothersome kind of way to be seen. No, no. Not this one. This girl knows that the secret to making a real entrance is to be there early, to sit in a supreme and queen-like state of quiet self-assured confidence, to truly enjoy that first, solitary, drink of the night. The nervous rest will walk through the door, and gravitate to her, because truly, the spot she sits in is so obviously comfortable, the space around her is so wonderfully warm… We must go to her, they will tell themselves, and they will not know why.

She's not afraid of anything, that girl. She can try a different look, shimmy to a different tune, and talk to dozens of different people. She can make conversation with total strangers and all it takes is a quarter of an hour, and suddenly, those strangers long to be her best friend. Oh, she can't settle down for even a second, can she?

And truly, is there nothing that shines of sparkle and glorious youth as a girl who will jump at the chance of a different room, a different crowd, a different dance, a different party? She'll leave the staid ones behind, because why, oh why, would she let them spoil her fun? Oh, you know That Girl! You only see her at parties, and only for a few minutes here and there, because she's always flitting off to another shindig, another do, another place that will only improve once she's added to the mix, because her life is just a whirl of music and dancing and flirty hemlines and people who love her!

She's fascinating, isn't she?

I know she is, poppets, because last night, That Girl was me.

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