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The Season of Joy is Taking it's Toll. I'm Tired. 2003-12-12










The Piranha Christmas party is tomorrow poppets, and the only thing I can think of is that last year, I was a few pounds less and a date for soiree` more. This year, I'm going solo, and filling out my clothes with a few extra curves. But Iíll get to flirt a bit, and eat without guilt. So you know, it balances out a little.

Last year, all I had to worry about was what kind of foundation garment I could get away with. If you remember correctly, I refused to break the flow of satin with an unsightly bra line, and went with band-aids. Because, darlings, at 28, I could still do that.

And I still can - but we're highlighting the back end this year, poppets, instead of the front. We're going with what has obviously become the theme of late fall 2003, and we're embracing the arse.

The amount of mental health it took me to get to a point where I want to showcase my packing-a-few-extra-pounds-bottom is truly magnificent. In fact, I should be rewarded. Hopefully, someone in this great, big, world will take the hint, take the initiative, take some action and embrace the arse, indeed!

At the very least, I hope dinner is tasty. More tomorrow, darlings, I promise. Itís late, Iím tired, and Iíve had a long day that wasnít terribly full of accomplishment. But tomorrow! Tomorrow! I'm getting New Hair after all, and Lord knows I can wax poetic about a good coif.

Love you. Especially you.

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