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Holiday? Maybe! 2004-03-31










Mare's Flirty Hemline Fund: $0.00 (I'm getting on a scale on Saturday. If I do it every day, the chances of further disturbance in my brain increase exponentially.)
Daily Bread Food Bank Fund:$3.00 (Whee!)

* * *

My poor baby, John the Redheaded Kid, looked like he was going to cry last night. I was so, so, so very distressed about his performance. (Especially since, at 10 times better than I am, it was still not very good. Thatís an ugly realization there, poppets.) But seriously? Wristband Chick? Has to go. Let Ginger Boy get another week, with his sweetness and his aw shucks smile and his grand potential to be a Jimmy-Stewart-yes-sir-gosh-and-golly-I'm-a-hottie when he grows up.

And also, while I generally enjoy and agree with Randy, especially when he's agreeing with Simon, if I never hear, "Yyeeeauh, yy-yyeeauh!" again, it will be entirely too soon. What IS that? He sounds like one of those guys I went to high school with who thought it was cool to walk like they just got shot in the ankle. (Also? Like my 18-year old cousin, at whom I want to poke a flaming stick most days. Mr. Jackson? Are you listening? You're not 18! Stop that!)

* * *

Ooh! Poppets! Your Mare may go away for a weekend! I haven't gone away for the May long weekend in ages, and even though it's eons away, just the possibility of it makes me happy.

Pseudonymless Mandy promised that there will be an indoor bathroom involved, which is fantastically important to me. Aside from some unfortunate inebriated experiences behind various bushes in her youth, as well as a surprisingly-not-awful outhouse, your Mare is a rustic virgin, my beauties. Cottage country or not, I'd also like to be able to brush my teeth with the water that comes out of the tap, without fear of ickiness and germs. Also, there will be marshmallows and a fire, and perhaps a lake, which I will enjoy for its beauty and not so much for its wetness, because your Mare only swims in chlorine. I mean, there's mud at the bottom of lakes, poppets! That's just insanity! But, oh! It'll be pretty and relaxing, and whee!

Gosh, I hope this happens.

Kisses, my darlings!

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