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Sometimes, Monday's Aren't That Bad. 2003-05-26










Days to 1st annual 29th birthday: 5
State of Mind: Freakin' Awesome.

I had an empowering weekend. I didn't intend it to be, nor did I realise it was such until it was over, but somehow this morning I woke and felt... better. Better than I have in a long time. Better about myself, and better about my place in the world.

My eyes have cleared up, so I'm not sporting that horrible battered wife look anymore. I feel healthier? Yeah, healthier. My body isn't what I want it to be yet, but for the first time I feel like the end result is, if not near, then at least not aeons and light-years and an ocean away. I'm not craving horrible, junky food as much as I was in the last couple of weeks, so that's one battle almost won. The worst hair-cut in the world is even starting to understand that I'm the boss when it comes to blow dryers and styling pomade.

I'm not entirely sure what made it so, but this feeling may have had something to do with 70 sit-ups and a brand new spring/summer wardrobe. It may have something to do with saucy offers from silly boys and the consequent dealings of those offers. It may even have something to do with watching The Wonder Boys for the first time, which inspired me to just sit down and write. Write with passion, write with fervour; write with no concern for grammar or consistent plot lines or styling. Oftentimes, the need to get a certain sentence just so will stop me from getting on with the sheer pleasure of putting down a whole story.

So I wrote. And I danced. And I ran on the treadmill which, although not quite my bitch yet, is starting to learn that I will treat it badly if it tries to kick my arse.

I signed on for some retail therapy, and made like Julia Roberts in the dressing room, except I didn't need a Richard Gere to pay the huge-and-I-don't-regret-one-penny-of-it bill at the end. I even gave myself a manicure and pedicure, so that now, I'm not only like Pretty Woman, but I'm Pretty in Pink, too!

Well, Lord love a duck.
I'm bloody marvellous!

Are you? Oh, I do hope so.

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