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Days to B.E.E.R.: One Week!! Whee! Montreal, here we come!

So. Austin. JournalCon. Web Writer's Weekend. Do I go? I really want to go. No, I mean, I really want to go. And The Queen Herself is urging me to go, which should leave no doubt in my mind that I really need to be in Austin in October.

I think I'm going to Texas. Huh. That was easier than I thought.

* * *

I've a headache today that is threatening to kill me. I inherited my headaches from my father, who's suffered from mild thumpings to killing migraines all his life. As a kid, I remember getting them on an almost weekly basis. I'd have to retire to bed early, chock full of Children's Tylenol, and a hot compress on my head. Then, the next morning, I'd wake up early, and it would be like the calm after a storm. I'd feel incredibly relaxed and at peace, what with the nausea and pain having dissipated during the night. It was a wonderful feeling, that first moment of health when I realised I could blink and turn my head without triggering the release of a knife into my eyelids.

That doesn't happen anymore. I get a headache, and it sticks around like a guest who's overstayed their welcome. My headaches come a'callin', and then decide to build homes, and miniature neighbourhood complexes, with bowling alleys and little children who play with particularly loud Tonka trucks on my frontal lobe all day long.

My sister says it's because I'm worried about staying ahead of my workload at the office. My sister says it's because the reunion is coming up and I want it to go just right. She says that the weight of organising and being a worrier is too much for me. She also says it because I worry that I'm single and everyone else is getting married, and I can't even get a date for their weddings. My sister also thinks I'm far too afraid of getting fat again. My sister thinks too much, I think. Can't she see my butt is getting bigger?

Right. I've got a dance lesson tonight, and I'm going to hang out with Fieldgray tomorrow night, and I'm going out with Mandy and company for DQ's birthday on Saturday. It's nice to have plans sometimes. It means I canít let this damn headache have the best of me.

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